The Rise of the European Player & What It Means for American Players

Hi Teammates! American basketball players, please heed this warning! Your reign as a dominant world player is over and I will explain why in a minute. The world has begun to catch up since the original Dream Team dominated. Just the other day, the Mexican men’s national team beat the USA for the first time […]

Changing Your Agent…When?

Hi Teammates! It is September 7th and I know some of you reading this are still at home and have become increasingly frustrated. Whether it is your agent’s fault or not remains to be seen, but of course, it is the agent’s job to find you a job. If you are still home at this […]

Player Expectations of Agents

Hi Teammates! It is important for players to have a clear vision of what an agent can and can not do for you. Too lofty expectations will set you up for disappointment. One of the biggest expectations that players have concerning their agents is their ability to get a gig for you. I have said […]

Lasting Impressions

Hi Teammates, Today I would like to write about the lasting impressions you should make on people throughout your journey while playing in Europe. For that, I have to tell a short story. In the season 2003/04 I played in England. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and met lots of great people. I expanded […]

Friend Vouching

Hi Teammates, I was asked a question by a player I am advising which I have been asked so many times. The question was, “How do I find an agent?” This is a multi-faceted question because it really is not easy to just “find” an agent. If an agent has not sought you out to […]

Gamefilm Evaluation

Why do European coaches watch full games when seriously looking at a player to sign? What do they look for especially when breaking down game film. While each coach has the specific things that they look at, I can say I have heard repeatedly that body language and general attitude during a game are important […]

Summer Gains

I have been recently asked by a client what she should be working on in the summer. She has never played overseas but is doing her best to find representation while going to summer leagues and combines. I have to say that I respect her grind! The summer gains for someone that has never played […]

Season Over. What now?

Hi Teammates, Yesterday, I reposted the picture to this blog in my Instagram story. It originally came from my book Same Name Different Game and I would like to write more in detail about it now. As a professional basketball player in Europe, you will generally only receive contracts for one season until you are […]

My Responsibility…

Hi Teammates! I would like to write about something that I have experienced lately while connecting with players about the book. I am very pleased that more and more players are starting to reach out to me about playing overseas. I make sure I answer every question with the truth, and sometimes that means opening […]

Distraction At Work

Hi Teammates! Today while I was preparing my classroom for the first day of school tomorrow, one of my colleagues stopped by to distract me and asked how my book is selling. To tell the truth, I have no idea! The book started pre-selling on my website ( on June 15th and was available to […]