Looking for a successful career as a basketball player? Remember: Professional Sports is business. And businesses work with value exchange. Teams and even entire leagues can exist because of value exchanges. You deliver the performance, the team takes care of your bills. The bigger your value, the bigger your paycheck. But what is your value? […]

Your Team Is Losing…

If you are a foreign player on a losing team right about this time of the year (November/December), then pay close attention. You should be on alert even if you are playing well. I have known players with great stats, who have been released and it was a total surprise for them because they believed […]

Staying Professional In An Unprofessional Situation

I say this from personal experience. Not every situation will be fantastic. There will be some teams that you go to with some really bad situations. There will be many things you cannot control.  And I feel bad to tell you this but, you have to be professional even when the team or the situation […]

What If Playing Overseas Never Happens For You?

I speak to many players each day. A majority of them have never played overseas. About half of those want it REALLY bad, and the other half is waiting to be discovered, looking for shortcuts and not committing to the grind. Who knows how many of the players that contact me will actually play overseas? […]

How The Work You Do Now Influences Your Future

I spoke with an agent some months back and she told me something I hadn’t previously thought about. She said something to the effect of “whatever a player does now affects their next contract.” Of course, I understood even as a player that my stats were important, but when the agent told me that, I […]

“Flirting” With Opposing Teams

Hi Teammates. Now is the time of the season when you need to flirt. No, I do not mean flirting with someone you are attracted to…I mean with opposing teams. Seasons are in full swing and hopefully, you are playing well. This is the perfect time to start making moves for next season. Let’s get […]

Basketball IQ: Knowing the Plays

Hi Teammates. There is one part of being a rookie overseas that I see many players struggle with and that is knowing and understanding your role in set plays overseas. Depending on the coach, your playbook may be thin or stacked with sets. You are a professional now. This is your JOB! It is your […]