1 on 1 With Sean

Directly after booking me, you will receive an email with this topic list of what we can discuss:

  • Finding An Agent
  • Potential Agent Questions
  • Agent/Player Contract
  • Information
  • Standard European Contract Information
  • Decision Making (country/league/team)
  • Expectations Upon Arrival
  • European Preseason
  • Money Management
  • Networking
  • Health Care Issues
  • The Season
  • On-Court Adjustments/Video Analysis
  • Injury Issues
  • Fired (what to do)
  • Exit Strategy (end of season)
  • Tax Information
  • Off-Season Considerations
  • Mentoring Session
  • Post Season Plays – Career Guidance After Sports
  • Other

Whether you’re a male or female, still in college, recently out of school, just starting your pro career, or even a seasoned vet, I am sure that I can help you not only to survive, but to thrive in European pro basketball.

Book a 1 on 1 personalized consultation session with me and lets get started!