The Power of Quality Player Videos in Overseas Basketball…

In this blogpost, I would like to shed light on the significance of securing high-quality videos of your games as an overseas basketball player. Understand this as a reality: many teams struggle with subpar video production, which can in turn, hinder your development and opportunities. Let’s dive into why investing in quality player videos is […]

Navigating the Cultural and Lifestyle Differences in Europe

Many players are heading overseas right now. It’s important to recognize that adjusting to a new country and culture can present its own set of challenges. The cultural nuances and lifestyle adjustments that come with playing basketball in Europe will be discussed in this blogpost. And I will provide valuable tips on adapting to new […]

My Surprise Of How Little Some Americans Know About European Basketball…

As an overseas basketball consultant, amongst other things, my role involves assisting aspiring American players who dream of playing overseas, especially in Europe. However, I have been consistently surprised by the lack of knowledge many players have about European basketball.  I decided to write this blog when a player who would like to play overseas […]

One Of The Best Pieces Of Advice I Got In Europe…

Throughout my career both as a player and a coach, I’ve encountered valuable advice that has shaped my perspective. These nuggets of wealth have helped me guide others towards success and I want to share a crucial lesson I learned during my time in Europe, which revolves around the power of positivity and self-belief. Never […]

Agent Steering…Part 1

It has come to my attention that there seems to be a new “scheme” going around that will surely give agents a bad name. I have spoken with 4 players who have told me the same thing about different agents/agencies. I am sad to say that all 4 agents were based in the USA, which […]

Adapting to Different Playing Styles and Systems in European Basketball

One of the key challenges I often encounter is helping players adapt to the diverse playing styles and systems across European basketball leagues. Let’s delve into the variations in playing styles and tactics that exist within European basketball. I’ll also provide sound advice on adjusting your game and learning new strategies to excel in the […]

The Rise of the Small Guard: Thriving Traits for Overseas Success

In recent years, we have witnessed a remarkable shift in the world of basketball, particularly overseas. The trend of teams looking for tall guards seems to be on pause for the moment. For you small guards, this may be your moment to shine. The rise of the small guard has been a captivating trend, with […]

Expanding Your Basketball IQ: The Role of Game Film and Self-Analysis

Basketball is a game that requires more than just physical skill; it requires a deep understanding of the game and the ability to make smart decisions on the court. This is where basketball IQ comes in. A player’s basketball IQ refers to their understanding of the game and their ability to use that knowledge to […]

Offseason Workout Example…

I am by no means an expert at working out or staying in shape. I spoke with a basketball athletic trainer about this piece and asked for a simple direction you could use to guide your offseason. I realize some of you have jobs in the offseason or other responsibilities and cannot dedicate specific time […]