Earning Playing Time Overseas…

Are you a basketball player looking to earn playing time overseas as an import player? Sometimes there is more to it than the simple, “I am better than the player ahead of me.” Playing overseas comes with a much different set of rules than you are probably used to, but if you are aware of […]

Overcoming A Shooting Slump…

Shooting slumps are a common struggle for basketball players at all levels, from youth to professional. The only difference when you are playing overseas is that a prolonged shooting slump can get you fired. A shooting slump can be frustrating, affecting a player’s confidence and overall performance on the court. However, with the right mindset […]

Europe vs. College For NBA Exposure…The Pros And Cons…

Basketball is a popular sport worldwide, with the NBA being the premier professional league. For many European basketball players, the dream of playing in the NBA is a goal that they aspire to achieve. One way that European players may try to get noticed by NBA scouts is by attending college in the United States. […]

Staying Consistent Towards Seasons End…

Basketball is a game of skill, endurance, and mental toughness. As a basketball player in Europe, you are likely to face a grueling schedule that involves long bus rides, a lot of training, and of course playing games. It can be challenging to maintain consistency in your game, especially during the final months of the […]

Get Off The Plane And Go…

This post is for those of you that have never been overseas before. This is some information that you HAVE to know and understand before getting on the plane to cross the water or leaving your homeland. Once you get off that plane, you have to literally be ready to perform. You may think I […]

A Clients Example of Incredible Professionalism

Hi Teammates. I have spoken many times about staying professional even when the circumstances around you are not. Today, I would like to give an example of one of my clients and how she handled an extremely unprofessional and potentially threatening situation.  She recieved an offer in a European country and would be leaving her […]


Looking for a successful career as a basketball player? Remember: Professional Sports is business. And businesses work with value exchange. Teams and even entire leagues can exist because of value exchanges. You deliver the performance, the team takes care of your bills. The bigger your value, the bigger your paycheck. But what is your value? […]

Your Team Is Losing…

If you are a foreign player on a losing team right about this time of the year (November/December), then pay close attention. You should be on alert even if you are playing well. I have known players with great stats, who have been released and it was a total surprise for them because they believed […]

Staying Professional In An Unprofessional Situation

I say this from personal experience. Not every situation will be fantastic. There will be some teams that you go to with some really bad situations. There will be many things you cannot control.  And I feel bad to tell you this but, you have to be professional even when the team or the situation […]

“Flirting” With Opposing Teams

Hi Teammates. Now is the time of the season when you need to flirt. No, I do not mean flirting with someone you are attracted to…I mean with opposing teams. Seasons are in full swing and hopefully, you are playing well. This is the perfect time to start making moves for next season. Let’s get […]