Two Key Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing an Overseas Basketball Career

Recently, I had conversations with two players aspiring to play overseas, and each made a common mistake that many players make. Here’s what I learned from those discussions and the advice I had for them and you. The Agent Dilemma During a conversation about agents, one player mentioned, “I have an agent, but I also […]

The Hidden Risks of Under-the-Table Payments for Overseas Hoopers

Playing overseas can be a dream come true. The opportunity to travel, experience new cultures, and get paid to play the game you love is incredibly enticing. However, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if players find themselves receiving a portion or all of their salary under the table. While the prospect of […]

The Importance of Leaving Overseas Teams on Good Terms

With more and more seasons ending in Europe, I wanted to write this blog as it is incredibly important for the future of overseas hoopers. How you leave a team can be just as important as how you play on the court. The way you end your tenure with a team can have long-lasting implications […]

Gamefilm…What You Need To Know

When it comes to getting noticed by overseas basketball coaches, sending just a highlight reel won’t cut it. Coaches prefer full game films because they want to see the complete picture of how a player performs in various situations, especially under pressure. Here’s a breakdown of why full game films are critical and what coaches […]

The Unspoken Reality: Why Import Players Frequently Change Teams in Overseas Basketball

As a former player and coach overseas and deeply rooted in team dynamics, I understand the value of camaraderie and collective achievement. However, in overseas basketball, import players face a distinct reality shaped by short-term contracts and transient team dynamics. Factors Contributing to Frequent Team Changes -Short-Term Contracts: Unlike other professional sports leagues where players […]

Season Almost Over…Now What?

As we step further into May, basketball seasons across Europe are either drawing to a close or have recently concluded. It’s a pivotal time for players and agents, marked by the culmination of intense competition on the court and the onset of critical decisions off it. The offseason is a critical time. It’s a period […]

Thriving Overseas: The Power of Focus and Commitment

Today, I’d like to explore the crucial elements of focus and commitment that are essential for success in the competitive realm of overseas basketball. From dedication and hard work to maintaining a positive mindset, here are the key ingredients for achieving your goals. 1. Dedication: The Backbone of Overseas Basketball Overseas basketball demands unparalleled dedication. […]

The Complex Path To Professional Basketball For Youth Players – Part 1

Embarking on the journey to become a professional basketball player is a dream many young talents cherish. However, the harsh reality of the business side of basketball can be a challenging hurdle, especially for local players eager to make their mark. In the first part of this blog series, I recount a disheartening situation where […]

Why Playing Against A Pro Doesn’t Guarantee Overseas Success

I hadn’t planned to write today, but a conversation with a player who’s yet to experience overseas basketball prompted me to address one of my biggest pet peeves when speaking with players. I ABSOLUTELY DETEST IT WHEN PLAYERS TRY TO GAUGE THEIR ABILITIES AGAINST OVERSEAS PROS IN SUMMER LEAGUES, PICKUP GAMES, OR ANY UNOFFICIAL SEASONAL […]

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