EXPERTS EXPERTING with Samantha Cooper…Who Are You Really?

Hello! My name is Samantha Cooper. I have recently completed my Master’s of Science at the University of Western States in Sport and Performance Psychology. I completed my undergraduate studies at Fairfield University, Majoring in Biology and Minoring in Physics and French. I currently play professional basketball overseas and have lived and played in 7 […]

Maintaining Work-Life Harmony As A Pro Hooper Overseas…

Overseas hoopers face unique challenges. In this blog post, I will explore practical strategies and valuable insights to help hoopers excel on and off the court, while finding harmony in their careers and personal lives. Prioritize Self-Care Your well-being is the foundation of your success. Prioritize self-care by incorporating healthy habits into your routine. Proper […]

Rookies-Navigating The Adjustments of Overseas Life…

Hi Teammates! Especially for you European Rookies, I would like to offer guidance and encouragement as you navigate the inevitable challenges that come with adjusting to life in a new country. It’s time to embrace the difficulty, acknowledge your strength, and find solace in knowing that you are not alone on this incredible journey. I […]


Playing sports as an overseas athlete can be challenging. Not only do you need to adjust to the new environment and culture, but also the gameplay and social norms in each country you play in. Sports culture and playing rules may vary between countries, so it’s important to understand how these cultural differences can impact […]

THE CHEAT CODE-Written by Marv Fox Jr.

Basketball athletes…Professional and amateur…I’m going to give you the cheat code to get whatever you want out of the game of basketball and life. First things first…The Spirit FeelsThe Heart LoveThe Mind Thinks and…The body performs. Think about what you want out of the game of basketball or out of life.Think hard and don’t limit […]