As a professional basketball player you’re spinning lots of different plates (you might do this without even realising it). Being overseas can add another layer to this. It’s easy to create mental clutter, and in my experience this can be just as debilitating as a physical injury.

The key to unlocking peak performance (or pure performance as George Mumford calls it), isn’t always about adding more to your routine, it’s about simplifying. By mentally decluttering, you can amplify your performance, finding clarity, focus and resilience that translates directly onto the court.

The Weight of Mental Clutter

Mental clutter—those nagging thoughts, worries, and distractions—can sap your energy and dilute your focus. For athletes overseas, this clutter often includes concerns about cultural adjustments, separation from loved ones, language barriers, and the perceived pressure to perform. This mental clutter can cloud judgement, reduce reaction times, and ultimately, impede performance.

I’m not writing this post to create doom and gloom. It’s actually the opposite; the empowering thing is you totally get to control this. Control the controllables; your mental clutter is one of these.

Here’s how to embrace simplicity for success:

Journaling as a Tool for Mental Decluttering

Journaling is a powerful technique for mentally decluttering. It serves as a personal outlet for thoughts, worries, and reflections, allowing you to process emotions and experiences on paper. This practice can help identify patterns in your thinking, shed light on what’s truly important, and set aside the mental clutter that hinders performance. Regularly dedicating time to journal can enhance self-awareness and provide a clearer mental space for focus and growth.

Embrace Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation aren’t just buzzwords; they’re tools to clear your mind and enhance focus. Regular practice helps you stay present, reducing the impact of distractions. Begin with short, daily sessions (maybe start with just 5 or 10 minutes). Each time you notice a thought and you bring your attention back to your breath or a focal point, it’s like getting a rep in for your mind. Apps like Calm, and Muse are my favourites.

Prioritise and Focus

Identify what truly matters to your performance and well-being, and go all in on this. This means setting clear, achievable goals for both the short term and long term. Once your priorities are set, focus your energy and efforts on these areas, and create boundaries to protect these. This focus reduces decision fatigue, so you can just crack on and take inspired action on the needle movers. The brain isn’t designed to multi-task, so let’s give it a hand to run smoothly.

Establish Routines

Routines can significantly reduce mental load, creating automatic patterns that free your mind from decision-making. Establish consistent daily routines around training (physical and mental), nutrition, sleep, and relaxation. This structure not only simplifies your day-to-day but also ensures that you’re consistently meeting your physical and mental needs. 

Side note: creating routines when your timetable changes can be tricky but it’s not impossible. Whether you’re on a rest day, on the road, game day, your routines can stay relatively the same, focus on the elements of the routines rather than set times or places. Flex the routine, don’t give it up.

Digital Detox

In our hyper-connected world, constant notifications from social media can add to mental clutter. Periodic digital detoxes—where you limit your screen time—can help you disconnect from being a slave to your phone, and reconnect with yourself. Use this time to reflect, engage in physical activity, or simply enjoy the environment and culture around you. Using your phone intentionally is such a game changer for mentally decluttering, you’ll notice you get time back, your focus increases and you feel more present, which is going to translate on the court.

Lean on Your Support System

Having a reliable support system is crucial, especially when overseas. Sharing win, wobbles, and everyday experiences with friends, family, or teammates can lighten your mental load. Don’t underestimate the power of connection to provide perspective, reduce stress, and process emotions.

The Impact of Mentally Decluttering

Mentally decluttering doesn’t just improve your psychological well-being; it has noticeable effects on your performance. With fewer distractions, your reaction times improve, your strategic thinking becomes sharper, and your physical performance improves. Simplicity in your mental approach allows you to be fully present and locked in during the game.

But like any skill this isn’t a one and done. You need to be consistently mentally decluttering, and being conscious of where the mental load starts piling up, so that you can shift, simplify and release.

Mentally decluttering by simplifying life can be a game-changer. It’s about focusing on what truly matters, minimising distractions, and creating a mental environment where clarity and focus can thrive. Remember, in a world that often glorifies more, sometimes the most powerful choice is to simplify. This approach doesn’t just amplify your performance; it enriches your life, making every moment on and off the court more fulfilling.

Dr Rosie Mead

Dr Rosie Mead is a Mental Performance Coach for pro basketball players. Rosie is known as the basketball player’s secret weapon for her unique way of supporting clients behind the scenes, through a mix of online coaching sessions and also in the moment support via WhatsApp. Her approach to high performance involves optimising mindset, habits and lifestyle, taking a 360 degree view to amplify performance on the court.

Rosie is currently working with clients in the NBA, EuroLeague and EuroCup. She has a great understanding of the ups and downs of being an overseas player, and has been with clients right from their rookie year overseas, through to preparing for the next chapter outside of their playing career.

Rosie is on all social media channels (DrRosieMead), but the best place to connect with her is over on Instagram – her inbox is always open for questions, and she also offers free consultations.

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