Friend Vouching

Hi Teammates, I was asked a question by a player I am advising which I have been asked so many times. The question was, “How do I find an agent?” This is a multi-faceted question because it really is not easy to just “find” an agent. If an agent has not sought you out to […]

Gamefilm Evaluation

Why do European coaches watch full games when seriously looking at a player to sign? What do they look for especially when breaking down game film. While each coach has the specific things that they look at, I can say I have heard repeatedly that body language and general attitude during a game are important […]

Summer Gains

I have been recently asked by a client what she should be working on in the summer. She has never played overseas but is doing her best to find representation while going to summer leagues and combines. I have to say that I respect her grind! The summer gains for someone that has never played […]

Season Over. What now?

Hi Teammates, Yesterday, I reposted the picture to this blog in my Instagram story. It originally came from my book Same Name Different Game and I would like to write more in detail about it now. As a professional basketball player in Europe, you will generally only receive contracts for one season until you are […]

Getting things done…

Hi Teammates! I am taking the time out today to pat myself on my back. I think we as humans don’t do that enough. Those of you that know me are probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “This dude needs to pat himself on his back? His ego ain’t big enough as it is?” Well, […]

Shout outs…

Hi Teammates! During the process of writing SAME NAME DIFFERENT GAME, I have come into contact with people that have inspired me. I see what they are doing to improve the lives of athletes, whether those athletes are still playing, or about to transition to their after-playing days. I did an interview the other day […]


Hi Teammates! By nature, I am a VERY impatient person. I cannot stand waiting in lines, I hate slow traffic, and at the moment I am battling my impatient self due to my book. You see, the book is finished…all done…finito, but I cannot release it yet and that is frustrating to a person like […]

Heavy Heart

Hi Teammates! When I first started writing my blog, I thought I should only write about basketball or topics related to my book. Now, however, I think I should write about anything on my mind. Right now I am heavy-hearted with the events of what is going on in America so maybe it will help […]


Hi Teammates! Today I have had the word “Firsts” on my mind. Literally the whole day, I have been remembering some of the firsts of my life such as: my first dunk, my first championship, and other important moments of my life. As I write this, I realize that I had no negative “first” thoughts […]

Cover Release!!!!!

Hi Teammates! I am so proud to finally be able to release the cover to Same Name Different Game! It is an incredible feeling to hold my work in my hands. The cover art is such a big part of the success of the book and I was very nervous about the preparations. I spoke […]