Since I started using this platform to help players not get scammed, I have often been asked why I do not simply expose them by showing their websites, Instagram pages, etc. and I would like to explain my reasoning for not doing it.

  1. It is my philosophy that I am here to help players with everything I do. Everything should be to the benefit of players, whether that be my book. The Eurostep podcast, any post I make on Instagram or my website blog, and even the consultation services that I do (both paid and unpaid). By giving warnings when I find out a scammer is at work, I do just that…although I understand that my reach is not unlimited. If I can reach one player and make them aware, that is fine with me.
  2. By exposing the scammers, I also expose myself. I am not afraid of scammers at all, but I feel I should work in the background without drawing too much attention. That way it is easier for me to investigate and figure out how the scammers move. If they are aware, they will most certainly change their approach, which would in turn make it harder for me.
  3. I do not want them to contact me and try and justify what they do. I have had that conversation with one of the biggest scammers in my opinion that there is. This scammer is good at what he does and even tried to get me to join his “crew” as an ally. I do not have time for all that. I do not want to hear their bullshit excuses, nor do I want to hear them explain to me that they are not scammers.
  4. That being said, I also do not want to open myself up to legal litigation. Before I put someone or their Scamagency on my Red List, I do my homework and I try to find as much information based on the experiences of you, my Teammates who have dealt with them, and my research. The MO of most scammers is that they usually have some sort of actual contacts somewhere. They may even get one or two players a job. They then ride these players as examples to justify their scams, “Look, I am not a scammer, I got Player X a job and he/she is happy.” This means that legally if I expose them, I COULD be sued for defamation. All that scammer has to do is prove that he got ONE player a legitimate job and that by exposing them, I hurt their business. It would not matter how many players I bring forth to prove that they were scammed. Thank you, but no thank you. 
  5. And lastly, I do not want these scammers to try to discredit me because I am SURE that would happen! Any time a scammer feels threatened and is in fear of losing that steady income, they try to talk bad about whoever has exposed them. My track record speaks for itself and anyone that has spoken with me for 2 minutes can understand why I do what I do. However, as I grow, I hope those that are getting to know me can process the real from the fake. I will not spend time defending myself because a scammer decides to try and attack me. That ain’t how I roll. Either you trust me or you don’t…so I still do not want it to come to that because I know scammers usually speak with the forked tongue and can be very persuasive.

Although I do not expose them openly, I am very open to disclosing more information if someone writes to me personally. This way, I still have a measure of control. I hope this clears up my motives although I realize that not everyone will understand. 

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