This is going to be hard for some hoopers to take but let me tell you loud and clear…IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE AN AGENT, TRUST YOUR AGENT! I know it is especially difficult if your agent has not been able to secure a job for you, but you chose your agent because you trusted and believed in them with your career. Let your agent work! For overseas basketball players, having a trustworthy agent is essential for success in their endeavors. Here are some reasons why players should trust their agents and rely on their expertise.

-Understanding the Markets Overseas

Especially if you are a rookie or you haven’t had much experience playing overseas, you will not understand pay scales in different countries or even leagues. You cannot rely on what many hoopers tell you they earn, hoopers are known to over-exaggerate. Agents, on the other hand, understand the market and can guide you through the process. It is in their best interest to tell you the truth about what a team can and will be able to pay. Also knowing the leagues, teams, coaches, and players helps you in the long run.


Agents have established relationships with teams and coaches, which can give players a competitive advantage. They can leverage their connections to help players get noticed and secure better contracts. However, even having a great relationship with a team or coach does not guarantee that they will take you. There are so many factors, such as salary and other players that they are looking at. What players they have at your position is also important.

-Handling Negotiations

Agents are skilled negotiators and can advocate for their clients during contract negotiations. They can help players get the best possible terms for their contracts, including salary, bonuses, and incentives. Many veteran players could not handle negotiations because they are personally invested and in the end, the players rarely know the exact player budget from the team so they may end up undercutting themselves.

-Steady Flow of Communication

Agents keep players informed about their options and opportunities. They can provide updates on the market and alert players to new opportunities as they arise. Many agents will not inform a player about a team’s interest until the negotiations are very close to the end because they do not want the player to get his or her hopes up and the deal falls through. That happens more often than you would realize and if an agent told you every single request from a team to watch your film, you would probably be disappointed.

-Patience Is Key

Especially players who are just starting or whose resumes are not as strong, need to exercise patience. You will not know all the things agents are doing on your behalf, so this is why trusting your agent is crucial.

By trusting their agents, players can focus on their game and achieve success in their careers.