If you are lucky enough to be a Euroleague player or a player on top teams, you may not need this post, but for the majority of players, this could be one of the most important blogs I have written in order to save a lot of hassle and stress. Let’s explore why securing comprehensive health insurance coverage is not just a choice but a necessity for many overseas basketball players.

Medical Coverage Abroad: A Lifeline in Uncharted Territories

International health insurance is more than just a policy; it’s a vital lifeline. This coverage ensures that you’re shielded from unforeseen medical needs while living and competing in unfamiliar territories. Consider it your safety net for unexpected illnesses or emergencies that may arise during your overseas journey.

Most teams will do the right thing, register you properly and make sure you have access to health care. Some teams, however, skip this process to save money and you may never know it until you are injured.

This happened to me my first season overseas and even though things turned out well for me, it may not work out well for you.

Your body is your capital. Make sure you are able to take care of it and invest in yourself.

Comprehensive Coverage: Beyond the Basics

Investing in a top-tier international health insurance plan means embracing extensive coverage. From in-patient and out-patient care to wellness, evacuation, dental, and vision treatments, these plans offer a comprehensive range of benefits that go beyond the basics, ensuring you’re well-protected in all aspects of your health.

Even if a team makes sure you have access to health insurance, it may not be as extensive as a professional athlete may need. Second opinions, a choice of therapists, or even massages may not be covered in the health care provided by your team.

Global Accessibility: Peace of Mind, Anywhere You Go

One of the primary advantages of international health insurance is the ability to access healthcare services both in your home country and abroad. This global accessibility ensures peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about your health needs, regardless of your location.

In the summer months while back home between seasons, it is imperative that you are covered. Going into debt because you need a minor surgery is not a great way to have a lasting career.

Freedom of Choice: Empowering Your Healthcare Decisions

With a comprehensive global policy, you’re not confined to specific healthcare providers. Enjoy the freedom to choose your hospital and doctor for medical evaluation and treatment, including access to private healthcare facilities. It’s about empowering you to make decisions that align with your health preferences.

Cost Considerations: Balancing Budget with Quality

Understanding the financial aspect is key. The annual costs for international medical insurance plans can vary, ranging from $500 for limited benefits to $8,000 for comprehensive coverage. On average, players invest around $5,500 per year, striking a balance between budget considerations and the quality of coverage.

Customized Coverage: Tailoring Insurance to Your Needs

Recognizing the diverse needs of players, international health insurance policies offer customization. Choose from worldwide coverage, worldwide excluding the USA, Europe only, or coverage limited to specific countries. Premiums are adjusted based on healthcare costs in different regions, allowing you to tailor your policy to suit your unique requirements.


Here are a few options to check out. If you are already insured, check your plan and see if there are some add-on’s available for what you may need overseas.

CIGNA HEALTHCARE-Cigna Global Insurance Plan

GEOBLUE-Xplorer Worldwide Medical Plan

IMG-IMG Global Medical Plan

By investing in a high-quality international health insurance plan, you’re not just checking a box – you’re safeguarding your health and well-being. Ensure you have the best coverage to support your journey in international basketball. Your health is your greatest asset, and we’re here to protect it every step of the way.

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