When it comes to navigating the overseas basketball market, having a good agent can make all the difference in a player’s career. One consideration to keep in mind when choosing an agent is whether they are licensed by FIBA (the International Basketball Federation). While not all agents are FIBA licensed, there are several benefits to working with an agent who holds this designation.

FIBA-licensed agents are listed on the FIBA.com website, which makes it easy for players to verify their credentials and ensure that they are working with a reputable agent. To find out if an agent is FIBA licensed, simply visit the FIBA.com website and search for the agent’s name.

While working with a FIBA-licensed agent can provide players with numerous benefits, that does not mean that an agent without a FIBA license is not a proper agent or is worse than one with the FIBA license. The most important thing is that both you and your agent believe and trust in each other.

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