Hi Teammates! Today, I want to explore the contrasting approaches of finding basketball opportunities: the old-fashioned way—through trusted agents—and the emergence of player placement programs and Apps. Join me as we delve into the pros and cons of these approaches and ponder the question: Am I just an Oldhead?

1. The Old-Fashioned Way: Agents as Trusted Allies

In my experience, the old-fashioned way of finding an agent who believes in you, supports your aspirations, and works tirelessly to secure opportunities is still a valuable path. 

These agents become more than just representatives; they become trusted allies who have your back, especially during challenging times such as injuries or terminations. They provide guidance, negotiate contracts, and advocate for your best interests. The personal connection and personalized approach of having an agent can be invaluable.

I do realize that times have changed. Playing overseas is now more popular than it was 20 years ago. There are many more players wanting to play, which means agents can be more selective with their selection process. It has never been more difficult to find an agent than this current era. If an agent is not specifically recruiting you, it may be difficult for you to reach out to one that will take a chance on taking you on as a client.


– Personalized support and guidance throughout your career journey.

– Agents work on a commission basis, getting paid only when they secure you a job.

– Strong relationships with teams and a deep understanding of the overseas basketball landscape.

– Advocacy in contract negotiations to ensure favorable terms and conditions.


– Finding a reputable agent who aligns with your goals and values can be challenging.

– Agents may prioritize established players over emerging talents.

– May be difficult to find one to represent you unless they scouted you personally.

2. Player Placement Programs: A New Frontier

Player placement programs and apps, such as Proconnect, Scoutz, BLC Consulting, or Hoopticket, have emerged as legitimate business opportunities for aspiring basketball players. These programs aim to connect players with teams seeking talent, streamlining the job search process. They provide a platform to showcase skills, browse job postings, and network with industry professionals.

While I definitely see this as a viable business model and not a scam, my reservation is two-fold. I have a small problem with paying an upfront fee with no guarantee of getting a job. With an agent, there is also no guarantee, but at least you know the agent does not get paid unless he/she finds you a job. That is their motivation. If someone has your money, how motivated are they to help you and the other 100 players at your position with the services.

And secondly, I have questions about the support of players AFTER signing a contract through the services. What happens if you get there and are treated poorly? What happens if you get fired? What happens if you get hurt? Who helps you if your payments are late or nonexistent? 

In my opinion, it is during these times that an agent is worth his/her weight in gold and you can figure out quickly if you have a good agent or not. The negotiations with teams on your behalf during such times are incredibly important. I could be wrong, but this is where I really see the need to have an agent’s support.


– Wide range of job opportunities available through online platforms.

– Simplified search process and access to multiple teams and leagues.

– Opportunities to network and connect with fellow players, coaches, and team representatives.

– Transparency in job postings and eligibility criteria.


– High competition for available positions, as many players vie for the same jobs.

– Limited follow-up support once a job is secured through the program.

– The cost associated with joining these programs may be prohibitive for some players.

– Teams often still utilize agents while posting on these programs, potentially limiting the scope of opportunities available.

3. Weighing the Options: Finding the Right Balance

While player placement programs offer convenience and a broad range of opportunities, the personal touch and long-term support provided by trusted agents are significant advantages. It’s essential to strike a balance between the two approaches to maximize your chances of success in the overseas basketball world.


– Assess your individual needs and goals: Do you value personalized support and long-term connections, or do you prefer a more independent approach?

– Evaluate the financial aspect: Compare the cost of joining player placement programs to the commission-based payment structure of agents. Determine which option aligns with your financial capabilities.

– Research and due diligence: If considering player placement programs, ensure they have a track record of success, positive player experiences, and a reputable standing within the basketball community. Ask players who have been a part of the program how their experiences were.

As an overseas basketball expert, I recognize the value of both the old-fashioned way of finding an agent and the emerging realm of player placement programs. While these programs offer convenience and access to a wide range of opportunities, they may lack the personalized support and long-term commitment that agents provide. It’s up to each player to weigh the pros and cons, consider their individual goals, and make an informed decision that aligns with their aspirations and financial circumstances. Remember, the path to success in overseas basketball is as unique as the players themselves.