In my last blogpost, I wrote about the difficulties that non-D1 college players face overseas. Now I will provide strategic approaches and actionable solutions for these aspiring hoopers. 

-Showcases, Tours Etc.

Instead of being intimidated by the competitive field, non-D1 players can focus on showcasing their unique skills and strengths. Attend select, and elite showcases, tours or summer leagues which are tailored to international scouts. This can provide valuable exposure and opportunities to stand out among a crowded field of contenders.

-Increasing Visibility

Non-D1 players can take proactive steps to increase their visibility and enhance their resume. Leveraging social media platforms to share highlights, engage with fans, and connect with basketball communities can broaden their reach and attract attention from overseas recruiters. Additionally, seeking out opportunities to compete against high-level competition, whether in offseason leagues or international showcases, can help non-D1 players gain valuable experience and demonstrate their potential to compete at the next level.

-Relationship Building

While finding reputable representation can be challenging for non-D1 players, building relationships with agents and representatives is not impossible. Networking within the basketball community, attending industry events, and seeking referrals from trusted sources can help non-D1 players connect with reputable agents who understand their unique needs and aspirations.


Non-D1 players can combat divisional bias by focusing on their performance and letting their game speak for itself. Rather than dwelling on perceptions of inferiority, non-D1 players can emphasize their achievements, work ethic, and commitment to excellence. By consistently delivering standout performances on the court, non-D1 players can challenge misconceptions and earn respect from scouts, coaches, and decision-makers in the overseas basketball community.

-Seeking Guidance

Contract negotiations can be daunting, but non-D1 players can empower themselves by seeking guidance from experienced legal advisors and leveraging available resources such as myself. Consulting with professionals who specialize in overseas basketball can help non-D1 players navigate the complexities of contract negotiations and ensure that their interests are protected throughout the process.

While the journey to overseas basketball success may present its share of challenges for non-D1 college players, it also offers abundant opportunities for growth, development, and achievement. By embracing a proactive mindset, non-D1 players can overcome obstacles and write their own success stories on the international basketball stage.

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