In the world of overseas basketball, players often find themselves at crossroads in their careers, contemplating the decision to change agents. It’s a significant step that requires careful consideration and a respectful approach. Many players have sought my advice on this matter, and in this blog post, I aim to provide guidance on how to navigate the process of parting ways with an agent. I will also provide you with a template of the letter that you can send if you decide to part ways with an agent.

Expressing Gratitude

First and foremost, it’s crucial to acknowledge the services your agent has provided during the contractual agreement. Express your gratitude for their efforts and the professional relationship you’ve shared. This sets the tone for a respectful transition.

Clear Communication

When it comes to terminating the player/agent contract, clarity is key. Utilize the standard FIBA 30-day notice, clearly stating your decision to go in another direction for your career. Be concise and professional in your communication, focusing on the need for a change without delving into unnecessary details…it’s not needed.

Wishing Success

Maintain a positive tone in your message by conveying your best wishes for your soon-to-be former agent’s future endeavors. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision, expressing goodwill fosters a sense of professionalism and ensures a smoother transition.

Consider the Bigger Picture

As players seek advice on parting ways with their agents, it’s essential to consider the bigger picture of their career goals. Evaluate how the decision aligns with your aspirations, ensuring that the change is a strategic move towards achieving your objectives in the overseas basketball landscape.

Seek Professional Guidance

If uncertain about the process or hesitant about communicating the decision, consider seeking professional guidance. Consult with experienced individuals in the industry, such as myself, to ensure that your actions align with industry standards.

*A Few Words of Caution*

While the decision to part ways with an agent may be necessary for your career, exercise caution and avoid severing ties unless you have a new representative ready to step in. As the saying goes, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” Even if you’re dissatisfied with your current agent, having their support is often better than navigating the overseas basketball landscape without representation.

Firing your agent without a replacement in line could leave you in a vulnerable position, especially if you were to be injured or fired during the time when you have no agent. In the ever-competitive world of professional basketball, having any agent, even if not an ideal fit, can provide a degree of support and opportunity.

Ensure that your decision to terminate the current arrangement aligns with a concrete plan for securing a new agent. This approach safeguards your interests and ensures a smoother transition, maintaining a level of professional support throughout your career journey.

Deciding to change agents in overseas basketball is a significant step that demands careful consideration and professionalism. Now I will provide a template example of the email or message you could use. Feel free to adjust as needed. Agent Termination Template:


I appreciate the service provided during our contractual agreement. However, I’ve decided to pursue a different direction for my career. This serves as the standard FIBA 30-day notice of termination for our player/agent contract. Wishing you all the best in the future.


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