Hi Teammates. Now is the time of the season when you need to flirt. No, I do not mean flirting with someone you are attracted to…I mean with opposing teams. Seasons are in full swing and hopefully, you are playing well. This is the perfect time to start making moves for next season.

Let’s get it straight…I do not mean to write to teams and make it known you would like to play there. That would most definitely be a breach of your contract. Be more subtle. 

There are two effective ways to do so.

  1. Befriending opposing players. In this day and age, players are more connected than ever and also more likely to help one another. Back when I played there was more of a cutthroat mentality where the players hated players on opposing teams. You will potentially bump into players socially at clubs or other events. If you become familiar with a player on an opposing team, you might want to express your interest in playing together with the player at some point in your career. It may not happen next season, but you never know when a player may mention your name to his/her coach.
  2. Communicating with Staff/Management. There is a fine line you need to walk here. On the one hand, you do not want to overtly express your desire to join their team and you don’t want your team to notice and get upset, but at the same time, you would like the opposing team to feel you are friendly and approachable Your play will ultimately be the deciding factor if a team keeps you in mind, but having a positive effect on their memory can’t hurt. When flirting with an opposing team it is important to be discreet and quick. This can be done simply by giving a strong handshake and a pat on the back to the coach after the game. Or a short chit-chat with the coach afterward talking about the game. One of the things I liked to do when I played was purposely bumping into one of the managers in the VIP lounge and excuse myself. I would then make a random comment about the game such as, “Your coach did a great job scouting us,” or “Your team played hard, I was impressed.” Most times you can get into a quick talk about the game to make an impression and then move on. Eyes are everywhere and on the one hand, you want your team to be on alert that the opposing team may have some kind of interest in you, but at the same time you do not want it to look like you initiated that interest. 

Use social media to your advantage! There is no rule saying you cannot follow another team or player on social media. The occasional like or comment is also not against the law. Although the management may not be sitting behind the screen, you’d be surprised how information floats through the ranks of teams.

This is a business, and that means that you need to find the best way to better yourself and your situation. Athletes have a limited window of opportunity so do not waste it. Networking or flirting is a part of the business. Remember, no one wants someone that no one wants. Good luck flirting!

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