Hi Teammates! I recently got yet another email from a player who just hit me up asking me if I could hook him up with a job or an agent. I get 2 or 3 of these every week. 99% of the time, the players that write me are respectful and at least say hi, or comment on a post I made or something to that effect. This player, however, did no such thing and most times I simply inform the player that doing such is not what I do. Usually, the conversations continue and I try to help. Sometimes the conversation just dies, but this particular player doubled down. 

I decided to send him a voice message so he could hear the displeasure in my voice but I was not rude (even though I was tempted because I wasn’t in the best mood). I informed him that I do not refer players (especially those who I do not know) to my friends that are coaches, agents, or GMs. He then asks me if I know any…

Sorry, but I found the whole conversation lacking respect. A lack of respect for the process and a total lack of respect for me and what I do. If you are asking someone for help, the least you can do is say hi. If someone hits me up, it is clear that they may need help, and that is what I am here for, but please show the minimum respect. I know you need something from me, you know it too, but please, come correct or not at all.

To make a sad story short, I then informed this player again that I do not refer players because I don’t do the work that the player should be doing, and secondly I did not appreciate how he came at me. I expected this player to see the error in his ways, apologize, and then we could have moved on and I STILL would have seen what I could do. Nope! He just responded with a simple “OK” and that was that.

Sometimes, I wish I would say or write the things that go through my head, especially after the effect. That isn’t me though. I know there are plenty of other players that come correct and genuinely ask for help and not a handout. It is for these types of players that I do what I do. Good luck with all that if you come at me wrong. I hope one of these players don’t catch me on the wrong day when the thoughts in my head come spilling out of my mouth or fingertips.

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