The New BAT Clause That Should Be In Your Next Contract

Last season, one of my clients went through a nightmarish ordeal with a basketball team in Serbia. From the moment she landed, things spiraled out of control. Eventually, we reached a mutual agreement for her to leave the team. However, the team exploited her situation—especially after she lost her agent—by withholding wages (already overdue by […]

Introducing the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal’s New Payment Order Procedure

Unbeknownst to many, as of February 1, 2024, the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) launched an innovative Payment Order Procedure (POP) as part of its updated Arbitration Rules. While this is a significant change, it has flown under the radar-until now. In layman’s terms, this change makes it easier, faster and more affordable for hoopers to […]

The Unspoken Reality: Why Import Players Frequently Change Teams in Overseas Basketball

As a former player and coach overseas and deeply rooted in team dynamics, I understand the value of camaraderie and collective achievement. However, in overseas basketball, import players face a distinct reality shaped by short-term contracts and transient team dynamics. Factors Contributing to Frequent Team Changes -Short-Term Contracts: Unlike other professional sports leagues where players […]

Season Almost Over…Now What?

As we step further into May, basketball seasons across Europe are either drawing to a close or have recently concluded. It’s a pivotal time for players and agents, marked by the culmination of intense competition on the court and the onset of critical decisions off it. The offseason is a critical time. It’s a period […]

Why Profitability Is Difficult For Teams Overseas

In the glitzy world of American professional sports, where superstar athletes command multi-million-dollar salaries and fans pack arenas to catch a glimpse of their favorite teams in action, it’s easy to assume that success on the court equates to financial prosperity off it. However, for many overseas basketball teams, the reality is far from glamorous. […]

Relegation and Promotion in European Basketball Leagues

As the month of May rolls around, basketball fans across Europe are gearing up for the climax of their league seasons. While some teams are eyeing the playoffs with anticipation, others find themselves in a precarious position, facing the prospect of relegation. But what exactly does relegation mean, and why does it ignite such fervent […]

Player Transfers and Rumors: European Basketball Off-Season

As the current European basketball season draws to a close, players, coaches, GMs, and fans are turning their attention to the upcoming off-season with great anticipation. Among the most exciting aspects of this period is the player transfer market, where teams from across the continent aim to strengthen their rosters in preparation for the challenges that […]

10 Strategies For Stalling Contract Negotiations

The ever-changing dynamics of the overseas players market can sometimes lead to contract offers that may not align with a player’s expectations. In such situations, it becomes crucial for players to master the art of effectively stalling for time while negotiating contracts. I will provide logical and smart tips to help players navigate contract offers […]

The Complex Path To Professional Basketball For Youth Players – Part 1

Embarking on the journey to become a professional basketball player is a dream many young talents cherish. However, the harsh reality of the business side of basketball can be a challenging hurdle, especially for local players eager to make their mark. In the first part of this blog series, I recount a disheartening situation where […]

The Truth About Early Termination Of Your Agent Contract…

One particular area that demands attention is the inclusion of monetary penalties for early contract termination with agents. I will shed light on these unfavorable clauses, dispel misconceptions, and emphasize your rights as outlined in the FIBA Agent Guidelines. Understanding FIBA Agent Guideline Clause 320: Clause 320 of the FIBA Agent Guidelines explicitly states, “The […]

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