Are Your Teammates’ Extracurricular Activities Are Hurting the Team?

Being part of a team can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also come with its challenges. One of these challenges is dealing with teammates whose extracurricular activities may be hurting the team’s overall performance. In this blog, we’ll explore some strategies for dealing with these situations and getting your team back […]

Beware Of Season Ending Pettiness…

Slowly but surely, seasons across Europe are coming to a close. Hopefully your experience overseas was a success and you are happy. Unfortunately, towards the end of a season, things can quickly turn sour when players are faced with petty behavior from teams. Whether it’s paying late, checking the state of your apartment and/or car, […]

Coming From The Bench In Overseas…

As a professional basketball player, playing in Europe can be a unique and exciting opportunity, but it can also bring its own set of challenges, especially if you are coming from the bench on a high-level team.  If you join a high-level team that is playing in a European cup competition such as the Euroleague, […]

This Clause Should Be In EVERY European Contract!

This past week, I had a client that went through a horrible situation with a team in Serbia. It was not just one situation, but a series of unfortunate events from the time she stepped off the plane in September. In the end, there was a mutual agreement that my client would leave the team. […]

Your Team Is Losing…

If you are a foreign player on a losing team right about this time of the year (November/December), then pay close attention. You should be on alert even if you are playing well. I have known players with great stats, who have been released and it was a total surprise for them because they believed […]

Staying Professional In An Unprofessional Situation

I say this from personal experience. Not every situation will be fantastic. There will be some teams that you go to with some really bad situations. There will be many things you cannot control.  And I feel bad to tell you this but, you have to be professional even when the team or the situation […]

Letter of Clearance

Hi Teammates! The Letter of Clearance is what the player needs from his former team before he can be registered by the new team. The former team says everything is ok and they accept the transfer. Normally this is not a problem except if a player just leaves without things being settled such as unpaid […]

Second Opinions After An Injury 

Hi Teammates! They say hindsight is “20/20” which is so true. Had I gotten a second opinion on my injured leg, I probably would have had to take 3-6 weeks off, and then I would have been fine. Instead, I listened to the team doctor who had the interests of the team on his mind […]