The Truth About Early Termination Of Your Agent Contract…

One particular area that demands attention is the inclusion of monetary penalties for early contract termination with agents. I will shed light on these unfavorable clauses, dispel misconceptions, and emphasize your rights as outlined in the FIBA Agent Guidelines. Understanding FIBA Agent Guideline Clause 320: Clause 320 of the FIBA Agent Guidelines explicitly states, “The […]

The Mid-season Talk: Player/Agent Discussions

As the overseas basketball season hits a crucial juncture, players around the world should gear up for essential conversations with their agents regarding the future. Whether you’re currently on the court or are experiencing a gap-year, now is the time to discuss and plan ahead. Here, I will provide key questions (there are many more) […]

How To Terminate An Agent/Player Contract…

In the world of overseas basketball, players often find themselves at crossroads in their careers, contemplating the decision to change agents. It’s a significant step that requires careful consideration and a respectful approach. Many players have sought my advice on this matter, and in this blog post, I aim to provide guidance on how to […]

The Pros And Cons Of Upfront Retainer Fees With Agents…

Since FIBA’s decision a few years ago to simplify the process for players to change their agents, it appears that some agents are seeking new ways to recoup their time and investment in players. In my view, this is the motivation behind agents requesting a “retainer” fee. What baffles me is that I’ve heard of […]

Player Empowerment: Negotiating The Terms in Agent/Player Contracts

In the world of professional basketball, players are often represented by agents who negotiate contracts on their behalf. But what about the contracts between the agent and the player? Is the player able to negotiate terms or does the player have no right to indicate that some terms are not beneficial to him/her? While these […]

Pros And Cons Of A Non-Exclusive Agent Contract…

As a prospective overseas basketball player, finding the right agent can be crucial to your success. However, deciding whether to sign an exclusive or non-exclusive contract with an agent can be a difficult decision. According to FIBA rules, you are allowed to have more than one agent. Whether or not it makes sense to have […]

Terminating Your Agent/Player Contract

If you have come to the point that you would like to terminate the agent/player contract, it is not a difficult process. There are, however, a few things to consider. You can terminate the contract with your agent at any time according to the latest FIBA rules that took effect in January 2022. The rule […]