Why I’m Against The Euroleague Allowing Trades…

When it comes to the Euroleague entertaining the idea of enabling player trades, there’s a whirlwind of complexities that might not be immediately apparent. From tax intricacies in different countries to the impact on domestic league decisions, and the myriad of other challenges, it’s a terrain fraught with potential issues. However, amidst all these obstacles, […]

The Bosman Rule & Its Limitations For European Basketball Players…

As a Player Education Specialist, I want to highlight the issue with the Bosman rule and how it affects players in certain European countries. While the Bosman rule allows freedom of movement and employment, it limits Bosman A players in some countries due to their domestic player requirements. In Germany’s 1st league, for example, the […]

Europe vs. College For NBA Exposure…The Pros And Cons…

Basketball is a popular sport worldwide, with the NBA being the premier professional league. For many European basketball players, the dream of playing in the NBA is a goal that they aspire to achieve. One way that European players may try to get noticed by NBA scouts is by attending college in the United States. […]

Advice For EU Players Leaving Their Home Country For The First Time

This blog post is directed at those of you born and raised in European countries that leave home for the first time that either go to college or go play as a professional in another country. This is a warning! You will suddenly understand what life is like for Americans who come overseas to play […]

College vs. Overseas Ball

Hi Teammates! The title of my book Same Name, Different Game wasn’t chosen randomly. Of course, basketball is pretty much the same wherever you go, but there are subtle and not-so-subtle differences when you just finish college and you play overseas. Let’s start with the not-so-subtle differences: -The 24-Second Shot Clock: The 30 seconds you […]