Earning Playing Time Overseas…

Are you a basketball player looking to earn playing time overseas as an import player? Sometimes there is more to it than the simple, “I am better than the player ahead of me.” Playing overseas comes with a much different set of rules than you are probably used to, but if you are aware of […]

The Small Forward Dilemma

I am writing this blogpost because I know first-hand how this works. Although I played every position on the floor during my career, I was a natural Small Forward (3 man). Think of me as a shorter (6’8” tall) and VERY (once again VERY) poor mans version of Kevin Durant. Did I mention VERY POOR […]

Overcoming A Shooting Slump…

Shooting slumps are a common struggle for basketball players at all levels, from youth to professional. The only difference when you are playing overseas is that a prolonged shooting slump can get you fired. A shooting slump can be frustrating, affecting a player’s confidence and overall performance on the court. However, with the right mindset […]

Are Your Teammates’ Extracurricular Activities Are Hurting the Team?

Being part of a team can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also come with its challenges. One of these challenges is dealing with teammates whose extracurricular activities may be hurting the team’s overall performance. In this blog, we’ll explore some strategies for dealing with these situations and getting your team back […]

Coming From The Bench In Overseas…

As a professional basketball player, playing in Europe can be a unique and exciting opportunity, but it can also bring its own set of challenges, especially if you are coming from the bench on a high-level team.  If you join a high-level team that is playing in a European cup competition such as the Euroleague, […]

Playing Out of Position Overseas

I know a thing about playing out of position. I was a slender six-foot-eight-hole plugger. I was athletic enough to guard every position on D, tall enough to post smaller players, and quick enough to drive by bigger players so if anyone knows about playing out of position, it’s me. In reality, there is no […]

How The Work You Do Now Influences Your Future

I spoke with an agent some months back and she told me something I hadn’t previously thought about. She said something to the effect of “whatever a player does now affects their next contract.” Of course, I understood even as a player that my stats were important, but when the agent told me that, I […]

Basketball IQ: Knowing the Plays

Hi Teammates. There is one part of being a rookie overseas that I see many players struggle with and that is knowing and understanding your role in set plays overseas. Depending on the coach, your playbook may be thin or stacked with sets. You are a professional now. This is your JOB! It is your […]