The Unspoken Reality: Why Import Players Frequently Change Teams in Overseas Basketball

As a former player and coach overseas and deeply rooted in team dynamics, I understand the value of camaraderie and collective achievement. However, in overseas basketball, import players face a distinct reality shaped by short-term contracts and transient team dynamics. Factors Contributing to Frequent Team Changes -Short-Term Contracts: Unlike other professional sports leagues where players […]

The “When I Make It To A Bigger League” Myth

In the world of overseas hoops, it’s not uncommon to hear athletes express their aspirations of reaching higher leagues as a catalyst for taking their game more seriously.  Excuse my French, but that is a bunch of bullsh*t! The notion that a bigger paycheck or a more prestigious platform will magically transform one’s approach to […]

Overcoming The Midseason Mental Hurdle Overseas

The middle of the season often marks a critical juncture where players start feeling the weight of the long journey they’ve embarked upon. The longing for home becomes unbearable as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) seeps in.  As the days pass by and the end of the season draws nearer, it’s common for athletes to […]

Securing Your Future As An Import Player Overseas

As a professional athlete, time is never on your side, and this rings especially true for basketball players competing overseas. While other sports often offer the security of multi-season contracts, the majority of contracts in overseas basketball are typically for just one season. This means that there’s little room for underperformance or setbacks. The pressure […]

Revitalizing a Struggling Team: Making a Difference Mid-Season

Joining a team in the middle of the season can be a challenging yet exciting opportunity. But what if the team is currently struggling? Here is a 5-step plan to help you make a significant impact and get your new team back on track. -Assess the Situation As you step into your new team, you […]

Adapting to Different Playing Styles and Systems in European Basketball

One of the key challenges I often encounter is helping players adapt to the diverse playing styles and systems across European basketball leagues. Let’s delve into the variations in playing styles and tactics that exist within European basketball. I’ll also provide sound advice on adjusting your game and learning new strategies to excel in the […]

The Rise of the Small Guard: Thriving Traits for Overseas Success

In recent years, we have witnessed a remarkable shift in the world of basketball, particularly overseas. The trend of teams looking for tall guards seems to be on pause for the moment. For you small guards, this may be your moment to shine. The rise of the small guard has been a captivating trend, with […]

Expanding Your Basketball IQ: The Role of Game Film and Self-Analysis

Basketball is a game that requires more than just physical skill; it requires a deep understanding of the game and the ability to make smart decisions on the court. This is where basketball IQ comes in. A player’s basketball IQ refers to their understanding of the game and their ability to use that knowledge to […]

Offseason Workout Example

I am by no means an expert at working out or staying in shape. I spoke with a basketball athletic trainer about this piece and asked for a simple direction you could use to guide your offseason. I realize some of you have jobs in the offseason or other responsibilities and cannot dedicate specific time […]

Combine Advice

If you’re a basketball player with hopes of playing overseas, attending basketball combines during the summer can be a great opportunity to showcase your skills to potential teams. However, it’s important to be well-prepared and to approach the experience with the right mindset. Here are some pieces of advice for those of you going to […]

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