The Small Forward Dilemma

I am writing this blogpost because I know first-hand how this works. Although I played every position on the floor during my career, I was a natural Small Forward (3 man). Think of me as a shorter (6’8” tall) and VERY (once again VERY) poor mans version of Kevin Durant. Did I mention VERY POOR […]

Playing Out of Position Overseas

I know a thing about playing out of position. I was a slender six-foot-eight-hole plugger. I was athletic enough to guard every position on D, tall enough to post smaller players, and quick enough to drive by bigger players so if anyone knows about playing out of position, it’s me. In reality, there is no […]

Why Specializing May Hurt Your Chances Of Having A Long Career Overseas

I was a typical “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” type of player and I personally think it lead me to have a long career overseas. Of course, there are other factors. You have to remember I played in an era where the game was different. The offenses were 3 out and 2 in, […]