The Mid-season Talk: Player/Agent Discussions

As the overseas basketball season hits a crucial juncture, players around the world should gear up for essential conversations with their agents regarding the future. Whether you’re currently on the court or are experiencing a gap-year, now is the time to discuss and plan ahead. Here, I will provide key questions (there are many more) […]

Why Securing A Contract Overseas Is Harder Than Ever…

In the ever-evolving world of overseas basketball, aspiring Gap Year players and Rookies are facing an increasingly uphill battle in securing contracts. The player market has become fiercely competitive, with a multitude of factors making it increasingly challenging. Here are some reasons… 1. A Flood of Talent: As the allure of playing overseas has grown […]

Why Gap Year Players Have A Higher Injury Risk

The title might sound a little bit discriminatory, but it’s not. Players with gap years get injured more than those that have been in season play and that is a simple fact of nature. If you have taken a few years off for whatever reason, you will not be in shape. And I know some […]