Two Key Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing an Overseas Basketball Career

Recently, I had conversations with two players aspiring to play overseas, and each made a common mistake that many players make. Here’s what I learned from those discussions and the advice I had for them and you. The Agent Dilemma During a conversation about agents, one player mentioned, “I have an agent, but I also […]

The Importance of Leaving Overseas Teams on Good Terms

With more and more seasons ending in Europe, I wanted to write this blog as it is incredibly important for the future of overseas hoopers. How you leave a team can be just as important as how you play on the court. The way you end your tenure with a team can have long-lasting implications […]

The Truth About Early Termination Of Your Agent Contract…

One particular area that demands attention is the inclusion of monetary penalties for early contract termination with agents. I will shed light on these unfavorable clauses, dispel misconceptions, and emphasize your rights as outlined in the FIBA Agent Guidelines. Understanding FIBA Agent Guideline Clause 320: Clause 320 of the FIBA Agent Guidelines explicitly states, “The […]

Why Playing Against A Pro Doesn’t Guarantee Overseas Success

I hadn’t planned to write today, but a conversation with a player who’s yet to experience overseas basketball prompted me to address one of my biggest pet peeves when speaking with players. I ABSOLUTELY DETEST IT WHEN PLAYERS TRY TO GAUGE THEIR ABILITIES AGAINST OVERSEAS PROS IN SUMMER LEAGUES, PICKUP GAMES, OR ANY UNOFFICIAL SEASONAL […]

The “When I Make It To A Bigger League” Myth

In the world of overseas hoops, it’s not uncommon to hear athletes express their aspirations of reaching higher leagues as a catalyst for taking their game more seriously.  Excuse my French, but that is a bunch of bullsh*t! The notion that a bigger paycheck or a more prestigious platform will magically transform one’s approach to […]

The Crucial Rule For Managing Your Visa

While playing professionally overseas, one of the most critical aspects to manage is your visa. Ultimately, this is YOUR responsibility. Not your agent, nor the team. Of course the team should manage the situation, but you need to be informed and know the rules of your stay overseas. Key Takeaways: Never overstay your visa expiration […]

The Impact of Your Social Media Feed on Your Professional Basketball Career

As an overseas basketball consultant, I understand the importance of presenting yourself in the best possible light to teams and agents. One aspect that often gets overlooked is the influence of your social media feed. In this blogpost, I will explain why your social media presence matters and provide tips on how to make it […]

Player Empowerment: Negotiating The Terms in Agent/Player Contracts

In the world of professional basketball, players are often represented by agents who negotiate contracts on their behalf. But what about the contracts between the agent and the player? Is the player able to negotiate terms or does the player have no right to indicate that some terms are not beneficial to him/her? While these […]

Navigating Player Termination Without An Agent: The Challenges

Facing termination from a team in overseas basketball is a difficult situation for any player. However, the challenges become even more pronounced when the player does not have an agent by their side. Let’s explore some of the specific challenges they may face: 1. Limited knowledge of contractual obligations: Without an agent, players may have […]

Injury Buyout Negotiations-Without An  Agent

If a player does not have an agent to represent them in negotiations when they are injured and unable to finish the season, they may face several challenges and potential disadvantages: 1. Limited knowledge and experience: Negotiating contracts and dealing with injury-related issues can be complex and require a deep understanding of the basketball industry. […]

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