When it comes to getting noticed by teams and agents as a basketball player, a well-made highlight film can be a valuable tool. However, creating a successful highlight film is more than just compiling your best moments on the court. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your highlight film to catch the attention of teams and agents.

But before we go further, let me explain the purpose of a highlight film. I liken it to a starter before your main course when you go to a restaurant. It is something light that makes you hungry for more. These days, hardly anyone is getting signed because of a highlight film. 

What the highlight film does is affirm that you are the player you say you are…height, weight, and position will be checked out. An agent or team will look at the way you run, the form on your shot, and other criteria that they deem important, and this happens very quickly. If you pass the eye test, they MAY look at your game film. What your game film needs to look like will be another post, but it is definitely the main course. That is what will get you signed.

-Keep it short and to the point

Most teams and agents will not have the time or inclination to watch a lengthy highlight film. A highlight reel should be two to three minutes in length. All the music, sound effects, and slick cuts in and out will be a distraction. In general, think about the acronym KISS…Keep It Simple Stupid

-Your best footage should be top heavy

An agent or a team gets hundreds of requests to watch the film from players. You better hook them early on because many teams and agents only watch the beginning of highlight films, it’s essential to use your best footage early on. Put your best plays in the first 30 seconds to grab their attention and want to watch more.

-Showcase your skills in a multifaceted way

Teams and agents want to see a well-rounded player who can excel in different areas of the game, and possibly play multiple positions. Make sure your highlight reel shows your skills in areas such as shooting, passing, defense, and rebounding.

-Include a variety of game situations

Make sure your highlight reel includes footage from different game situations such as fast breaks, half-court offense, and transition defense. These agents and coaches have seen it all so they will not be impressed with a few dunks. And also important would be to show longer sequences. For instance, if you make a shot, do not just start the clip when you are shooting…show some seconds before showing how you got open for the shot, just as an example.

-Keep it professional

Your highlight reel should be a reflection of you as a future professional basketball player and not a hooper looking for street cred. Avoid using music that may be offensive to viewers. Overseas agents or coaches may not take kindly to heavy cursing in lyrics. It might be best to use music without words…just a beat if you use music at all.

-Keep it up to date

Make sure your highlight reel includes footage from your most recent games. Overseas basketball is very much a “what have you done for me lately’” kind of business. Keep it updated to show your progression as a player. Showing what you did as a freshman in college will not help you now.

In conclusion, a well-made highlight reel can be a valuable tool for getting noticed by teams and agents. By following these tips, hopefully, you can create a highlight reel that will help you stand out as a talented and versatile player.

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