Hi Teammates!

During the process of managing my Instagram page for Same Name Different Game, I have reached out to all of my old teams here in Europe in the search for old game pics. I have realized a few things. I am older than dirt and I seriously played in the stone age of European basketball haha. The beginning of my career in ‘95 was especially prehistoric. We are talking about the start of dial-up internet, no iPhone, so of course no Facetime or many of the other communication advancements that we take for granted today. No Youtube, no Instagram, no Facebook, no Netflix, no real emails, and no texts. Sending a fax was a big deal back then. I got my first two contract offers via fax. Do they even still make fax machines anymore?

It was a real eye-opener when each team told me they have no digital pictures of my playing days. One of my teams in Portugal didn’t even seem to remember who I was at first, which was hurtful to my pride. The other team in Portugal, CAB Madeira, remembered who I was because one of my former teammates is in the management now, so at least that was good…but there were also no pics except two that they found from an old newspaper article. One team never answered my inquiry so I will take that as a “no” and another team told me literally, “We didn’t have Facebook back then so we have nothing. Sorry.” Only one team could send me quality pics, for which I was thankful. Thank you EWE Baskets Oldenburg!

Now that my ego is thoroughly damaged, I will remind you, current players, how lucky you are in this digital age. Basically, it is like your parents telling you how they had to walk 11 miles in the snow to school, all while driving you in the comforts of a car. I have some game film, albeit on VHS tapes. I am sure some of you are scratching your heads and wondering what the hell that is. Google it or ask your parents haha. Maybe one day I will get those tapes converted to digital form, but considering that I am an old dude, I probably won’t. As long as my memory is somewhat still functional, I guess I am forced to relive my career highlights in my head. Oldhead out!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!


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