Hi Teammates!

A few weeks ago, I got some good news from others that made me feel good and I would like to share that. The news showed me that I am on the right path with my mentoring role, and also that I have positively affected my former players even years after I no longer coached them. The relationships I have made with my former players are incredibly important to me.

Since I have begun the process of writing my book, my main goal has been and always be, to help athletes. I want to make sure the knowledge that I have is easily accessible for anyone interested. Now that I have a website and a growing presence on social media (mostly my Instagram page) I have been coming into contact with players that pick my brain about the European basketball experience. Most would like some form of advice, which I am glad to offer. Recently two players that I have had regular contact with both reached out to me to let me know that they had gotten a contract someplace and had gotten an agent based on our conversations. That made me feel great about what I am trying to achieve. I think it is my responsibility to offer my opinion based on what I know, but it is the responsibility of the player to filter out my advice and use what they feel is best for their situation and act on it. These two individuals did that and all the credit goes to them for doing the work.

And then one of my former players recently earned his A-Trainer license. This is a huge accomplishment. For those of you that do not know, in Germany, that is the highest level you can earn and it is not easy to achieve. With this license, he is now able to coach on all levels in Germany (and Europe) and is also able to coach a National Team if he would like (one day haha). While doing the course for the license, he had to write a paper. In one subject portion, he had to name three influences that helped mold him as a coach. I was one of those influences. He sent me what he had written and I have to say that I felt an immense amount of gratitude. Not so much about what he wrote about my influence on his coaching (which was very flattering), but that one of my players went on to get his A-license and understood my philosophy enough to infuse a part of it into his day to day coaching life. I think I can be proud that many of my former players still keep in touch with their old coach years later. Their success is my success!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!


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