Hi Teammates!

By nature, I am a VERY impatient person. I cannot stand waiting in lines, I hate slow traffic, and at the moment I am battling my impatient self due to my book. You see, the book is finished…all done…finito, but I cannot release it yet and that is frustrating to a person like me. I am looking at a copy of it sitting next to me and my only wish is to get it out to those who may need it, especially while March Madness has America in its grips!

I did extensive research into marketing a self-published book such as mine. I developed a plan of how to generate interest based on the experts that I either spoke with or read about. On the one hand, I am satisfied with the progress so far. Interest in the book is growing slowly but surely…just as I expected. On the other hand, I hate waiting so it is hard for me to sit still and trust the process.

So how do I resist the urge to scrap my plan and simply publish it right now? I start kicking around ideas for further books haha. I have initiated the development of the next book which I am cautiously slating for a March 2022 release. Various factors will determine if it works or not and I understand it is an ambitious time-table but sometimes I need ambitious goals. I work best under pressure. Let’s see if I make my self-appointed time-table. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!


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