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When I first started writing my blog, I thought I should only write about basketball or topics related to my book. Now, however, I think I should write about anything on my mind. Right now I am heavy-hearted with the events of what is going on in America so maybe it will help my mental to write about it. Not only is the trial of Derek Chauvin (the police officer charged with the death of George Floyd) going on in Minnesota, but just a few days ago another African-American was killed at the hands of police in Minnesota. And when I awoke this morning, I read about the tragic death of an unarmed 13-year-old child Adam Toledo…also at the hands of the police. Any death is heartbreaking, but it just hits differently when it is a child. Probably my father instinct kicking in. Just the thought of someone telling me one of my children being shot and killed literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Those of you that know me personally also know I have no plans to ever move back to America. This is a major example of why I won’t. A simple issue of safety…for me and my family. I have often told people about my fear of police when lived in America or even when I visit these days. It is a shame, but every black person I know has it. If a cop car is behind me while I drive…my heart starts racing…even though I know I have done nothing wrong. In Germany, I NEVER have that feeling. I have been conditioned living here that the police mean me no obvious harm. In America, I would never pass a cop car on the highway, whereas I don’t flinch to do it on the Autobahn.

I have my opinions, but I do not have all the answers. This problem is such a complex and deeply rooted issue that it will take decades of reform, attitude changes, and people working together instead of against each other before any noticeable change is apparent. I hope that now, in the age of social media, more pressure will be administered to the decision-makers in America. I also hope that I will have less heavy-hearted mornings in the future…I am doubtful, unfortunately.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!


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