Hi Teammates,

I was asked a question by a player I am advising which I have been asked so many times. The question was, “How do I find an agent?” This is a multi-faceted question because it really is not easy to just “find” an agent. If an agent has not sought you out to represent you, it is gonna be a grind.

Right now I would like to go a bit in-depth on perhaps the easiest and most effective way of finding an agent…the vouching system. For example, many agents gain new clients when players talk amongst themselves. Let’s say I already have an agent but I am looking for a new one. I speak with a player I know and ask him about his agent. He tells me his agent is great so I ask him to hook me up and talk to his agent about me. The friend speaks with the agent, the agent probably checks on my stats and when I write to him, he already knows about me.

The same can be done if you have no agent…why not? The basketball world is so small and we all know someone that has played overseas or is playing overseas currently. Talk to your baller friends. Let them know your predicament. Don’t be too proud. The only thing is, you better be a baller! No one will want to go out on a limb and vouch for someone who can’t ball.

Having someone vouch for you is by far the easiest way to get in contact with an agent but it is not the only way. If you would like more tips, just hit me up!

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