Hi Teammates!

I am so proud to finally be able to release the cover to Same Name Different Game! It is an incredible feeling to hold my work in my hands. The cover art is such a big part of the success of the book and I was very nervous about the preparations. I spoke extensively with the graphic artist Arsalan (you did a great job man!) about my vision and what I felt would be good for the cover.

Of course, without any prior experience, I was only going by with my gut feeling and what would interest me if I was thinking about buying a book. After Arsalan finished the three different versions, I did a survey and asked pretty much everyone I knew what they thought. For me, it was clear that this would be the one I would choose once I saw it. I was still interested in learning what people liked about each version. In the end, this version was a close winner.

I asked Arsalan to tweak the picture a bit based on the feedback I got from the survey. I can imagine I got on his nerves with all of my suggestions (especially the last-minute ones). In the end, it came much better than I had envisioned at the beginning. I hope that people judge this book by its cover because I believe it is an attention-getter that I am proud of!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!


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