Hi Teammates!

I am back from my much-needed vacation and break. I am in the last week of vacation from the six weeks I had off from my job. During that time, I moved into a new house, did a bunch of garden work, went on vacation to Greece, and chilled out. I am in the process of developing a “Man-Cave” in my basement where I can write, conduct interviews for my next book, or do guest appearances on various podcasts without disturbing anyone. Even while on vacation, I still did quite a bit for the book, but I tried to focus on being ready for the upcoming school year since I will take over a very large 5th-grade class. I also took the time to spend quality time with the family, although they would probably say I was on my phone too much posting stuff on IG for Same Name Different Game.

So far, I have been pleasantly surprised with the purchase numbers of Same Name Different Game. I knew going into this journey that I would not be on the New York Times Bestseller list, and truthfully, that is not my goal. I also know this will be a slow-burner in terms of sales. What is more important for me is the outreach from both male and female athletes that are asking questions and wanting a bit of advice from me based on the book. My following on IG is steadily growing and I reply to each question I get. I have pretty much given up on Twitter, I just haven’t figured it out haha.

I am more than happy to advise those in need, even if those athletes never buy the book. I know that is a poor business model, and my defacto business partner Sebastien will probably be pulling out his (thinning) hair as he reads this but oh well, that is how I am. I am more interested in helping than selling. Maybe sometime in the next ten years, I will break even on what I invested into the book financially…if not, oh well the investment was still worth it…I am a published author! One thing I do know is that in those same ten years, I will help quite a few athletes with the knowledge and information I can provide. That is gratifying for me!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!


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